Seasonal Printed Mailer Boxes

Holiday Chevron
Nordic Snowflake
Holiday Chalkboard
Dashing Reindeer

Our collection of printed mailer boxes combine visual impact with the integrity of strong corrugated board. Boxes are so strong, simply add a label and ship. We offer a unique collection of exterior patterns and colors, along with a kraft interior, created in a variety of sizes and shapes. Manufactured with preprinted papers, our packaging has a fine upscale finish and consistent coloring.

Seasonal Printed Mailer Boxes
Item Number Description (Size: length x width x height) Amount Color/Style Price Quantity Ordered  
U-50109      Autolock Mailer Box 6x6x2 - per 48 48   Designs: 
U-51109      Autolock Mailer Box 8x8x3 - per 48 48   Designs: 
U-52109     Autolock Mailer Box 9x9x4 - per 48 48   Designs: 
U-53109     Autolock Mailer Box 12x9x3 - per 48 48   Designs: 
U-54109     Autolock Mailer Box 12x12x3 - per 48 48   Designs: