Cocoa(Chocolate) Bakery Style 1 Piece Lock Corner Box

Chipboard boxes are lockcorner design. In most shipments, UPS willnot require a signature-Please inspect the shipment.

Bakery Boxes- Allow 2-3 business days to process orders, plus shipping time with the carrier, air shipments processed within 1 business days. Boxes cannot be returned - if in doubt order a sample - there's a charge
Item NumberDescription AmountPriceQuantity Ordered  
AU-632B-513    6-1/4x3-3/4x2-1/8 -Cocoa Bakery Box 250/ctn 250     $38.25
BU-753B-513    7x5x3 -Cocoa Bakery Box 250/ctn 250     $60.75
BU-774B-513    7x7x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 200/ctn 200     $65.25
CU-853B-513    8x5-1/2x3 -Cocoa Bakery Box 250/ctn 250     $60.75
CU-883B-513    8x8x3 -Cocoa Bakery Box 250/ctn 250     $68.50
CU-884B-513    8x8x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 200/ctn 200     $61.25
CU-885B-513    8x8x5 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $41.25
DU-994B-513    9x9x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 200/ctn 200     $69.50
DU-995B-513    9x9x5 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $48.50
EU-10102B-513    10x10x2-1/2 -Cocoa Bakery Box 250/ctn 250     $81.75
EU-10104B-513    10x10x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $49.50
EU-10105B-513    10x10x5 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $58.00
EU-1074B-513    10x7x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $42.25
EU-1294B-513    12x9x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $52.75
FU-12125B-513    12x12x5 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $81.25
GU-14104B-513    14x10x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 100/ctn 100     $61.25
GU-14146B-513    14x14x6 -Cocoa Bakery Box 50/ctn 50     $54.25
HU-19144.2B-513    19-1/2x14x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box(2 Piece)-50/ctn 50     $64.00
IU-20144B-513    20x14x4 -Cocoa Bakery Box 50/ctn 50     $77.50