Satin Bag with DrawstringsSnap Satin Pouches

Satin Drawstring Bags (We cannot send Samples.) (Allow 2-3 business days to process the order, plus shipping time)
Item Number Description (Size: length x width x depth) Amount Color/Style Price Quantity Ordered  
U-STP2     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-2" x 2-3/4"-200 200   Colors: 
U-STP3     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-2-3/4" x 3-1/4"-200 200   Colors: 
U-STP4     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-3" x 4"-200 200   Colors: 
U-STP5     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-4" x 5-1/2"-200 200   Colors: 
U-STP6     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-5" x 7-1/2"-200 200   Colors: 
U-STP69     Satin Bags with Drawstrings-6" x 9"-200 200   Colors: