Clear Polypropylene Sleeves for Gift Cards & Artwork

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Made of super strength crystal clear material (1.6 mil BOPP film). These bags replace or substitute shrink-wrapping and original packing. Featuring a peel-away adhesive strip for self sealing, easy as 1,2,3; insert product, pull off strip, and seal.

Clear Polypropylene Sleeves for Gift Cards, etc.
Item Number Description Amount Price Quantity Ordered  
PPS-B22     22-7/16 x 28-1/4-Protective Sleeves-100 100     $118.00
PPS-B2226     22-7/16 x 26-1/4-Protective Sleeves-100 100     $96.00
PPS-B2230     22-7/16 x 30-1/4-Protective Sleeves-100 100     $135.00
PPS-B2230XL     22-7/8 x 30-1/2-Protective Sleeves-100 100     $135.00