Kraft Corrugated Boxes

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The corrugated box has two main parts: the linerboard and the medium. Both of these components are constructed from a heavy paper known as containerboard. The linerboard is the flat portion of the box which you can see that adheres to the medium. The medium is the wavy, fluted paper in between the liners. The combination of the parts mentioned above create the corrugated box.

Kraft Corrugated Shipping Cartons. Choose from a wide variety of instock sizes, 200# test corrugated fiberboard, shipped flat.(Samples are restricted to a limited number of products. There is a charge for a sample, plus shipping.)
Item Number Description (Size: length x width x depth) Amount Price Quantity Ordered  
TKC222A     32 x 6 x 6-(25) 25     $39.63
TKC222B     32 x 8 x 8-(25) 25     $40.08
TKC222C     32 x 24 x 24-(05) 5     $77.52
TKC223     32 x 32 x 32-(05) 5     $47.06