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Clear Hard Plastic Boxes

Available in designs with compartments. Or Choose PVC/Acetate clear boxes :

Clear Hard Plastic Boxes(Styrene) Clear Plastic(Styrene) Boxes
Clear Hard Plastic Styrene Box(Styrene)
Clear Plastic Styrene Box
Clear Hard Plastic Hinged Boxes with Compartments(Styrene) Clear Plastic(Styrene) Hinged Boxes with Compartments
Clear Hard Plastic Hinged Boxes(Styrene) Clear Plastic(Styrene) Hinged Boxes
Clear Hard Plastic(Styrene) Heart Boxes Clear Plastic(Stryene) Novelty Boxes

Custom Molded Styrene Friction Fit Square and Rectangular Rigid Clear Plastic Containers. – Ideal for Food Products, Merchandise & Storage.
Clear Styrene Plastic Hinged Boxes with and without Compartments - Acrylic boxes are Custom Molded and available wholesale.

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