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Frosted Bags and Boxes

Our frosted bags and boxes are translucent yet allow for easy viewing. The frosted bags are 4 mil high density polyethylene and are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. They offer a fashionable look with sturdy construction. Appropriate for use at weddings, parties, showers and other events.


Natural Frost Soft Handle Bags Frostview Soft Loop Handle Bags(cFR)
Frosted Paw Print Bags
Other Frosted Bags
Frosted Bags - Designs & Colors
Frosted Bags - Clear, Colored & Designs
Frosted Boxes
Frosted Standup Bag with Hard Bottom Frosted Standup Bag w/ Hard Bottom
Frosted Bags with Soft Loop Handles Frost View Square Folded Soft Strap Handle Bags (dFVE)
Frosted Bags with Clear Pockets
Flat Bottom Diecut Handle Bags Flat Bottom Diecut Handle Bags (FPF)
Frosted Bags Christmas Designs
Frosted Bags - Xmas & Halloween Designs
Clear Rope Handle Totes Clear Rope Handle Totes(IPS)

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