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White mailers are perfect for shipping small, light-weight fragile items.
manufactured from 200#-B oyster white corrugated. Crush resistant mailer folds to provide double walls of protection on front and sides. Unique "Wave-Rule" edge virtually eliminates paper cuts.

These one piece mailers fold together in seconds. No tape, glue or staples needed. All mailers ship and store flat to save space.

White Mailers Boxes
White Mailers
Decorated and Fashion Gift Mailers Boxes Decorated and Fashion Gift Mailers Decorated and Fashion Gift Mailers
Bookfold White Mailers Boxes Bookfold White Mailers
Decorative Mailers Boxes Decorative Mailers Decorative Mailers
Outside Tuck White Mailers Boxes Outside Tuck White Mailers
Mailing Tubes
Mailing Tubes
Colored Mailers, Colored ShippingBoxes
Colored Mailers
Padded Mailers
Padded Mailers
Paw Print & Coffee Mailer Boxes
Rigid Mailers
Rigid Mailers
Glossy Colored Mailers/Shipping Boxes

Mailers are available in colors(Colored Mailers) or in patterns(Decorative Mailers & Fashion Gift Mailers

Or try our Mailing Tubes or Padded Mailers
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