Organza Bags


Organza Bags with Ribbon String
Organza Bags with Dots Organza Bags with Dots(068,069,070)
Organza Bags - Flat Bottom w/ Cord Drawstring
Satin Round Bags Silk Pouches(898)
Organza Bags - Round Bottom with Satin Cord
Velvet Wine Bags Velvet Wine Bags(916)
Organza Bags - Heart Shaped
Metallic Organza Bag with Cord
Jumbo Organza Bags
Paw Print Organza Bags
Organza Wine Bags

Organza is a fine synthetic fabric with sheer qualities. It comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for packaging that special item . . . there is nothing as elegant as an organza bag.. We offer a range of organza bags & colors for you to choose from. A simple drawstring bag is perfect for jewelry or sweets.

If you want to impress, tucking your product into an organza bag will create a memorable impression.


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