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Seeking better packaging options and the best customer service? Shop our wide selection of boxes including clear boxes, gift, bakery, candy, jewelry, wine boxes, and many others. Shipping supplies, paper and vinyl bags and so much more.


The Box Depot is a leading wholesaler of boxes, bags, market trays, and more. To complete your packaging needs, we also offer accessories for every need including tissue, crinkle shred, twist ties, twist tie bows, pull bows, and hang tabs! Choose from an array of colors and sizes all at wholesale prices.

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  1. Tissue Sheets
    As low as $60.53
  2. Crinkle Paper Shred
    As low as $61.01
  3. Printed Tissue
    As low as $62.59
  4. Stretch Loops with Bow
    As low as $18.83
  5. Twist Ties
    As low as $39.00
  6. Colored Foil Sheets
    As low as $23.00
  7. Solid Satin Pre-Tied Bag Bows
    As low as $37.10
  8. Elasti-Stretch Loops with Bow
    As low as $23.87
  9. Twine Pre-Tied Bow
    As low as $39.84
  10. Italian POM Style Pull Bows
    As low as $25.54
  11. Clear Plastic Hang Tab
    As low as $8.63

16 Items

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