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Slivv Protective Paper Sleeves for Bottles

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G-EP-SL-Slivv Protective Paper Sleeves for Bottles

100% recycled paper sleeves provide a renewable protective alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Unique corrugated shock-absorbing design allows for flat storage and easy packaging, while featuring a bottom closure to keep your wine or other fragile items in place during transit.

Item No. Style Size QTY
G-EP-SLMINI  2-2.25” dia. bottles (375 ml / 12 oz)  2.4” x 9.4”  150
G-EP-SLPRO  2.75-3.25” dia bottles (375 to 750 ml)  3” x 11.8”  100
G-EP-SLMEGA  3.75-4.5” dia bottles (750 ml to 1.5 L)  3.9” x 13.4”  100